Chaplains Support Marriages during Deployments

Marriages in the US military, especially in this wartime environment, will inevitably face separation.  One Army unit’s Chaplains placed special emphasis on marriages at a recent retreat, and they will continue that emphasis throughout the upcoming deployment.  The news report notes that 

As part of the program, couples agree to study a monthly theme, such as dedication, appreciation and communication, simultaneously while the brigade is deployed. Deployed chaplains will conduct event focusing on these themes overseas. Spouses will be led in the same area of study back at Fort Benning by the 3rd HBCT’s rear detachment chaplain.

Similar techniques for helping marriages survive separation–that is, studying the same topic even while apart–have been suggested by a variety of Christian military marriage resources (including this one: see the “Dealing with Separation” section of this post).

Undoubtedly, maintaining a marriage is a difficult struggle over the year-or-longer combat deployments many are now experiencing.  Both husbands and wives can benefit from the support of their friends, their church, their military unit, and their Chaplains.