Constitution Day, 2009

The delegates to the constitutional convention signed what would become the American Constitution on this date in 1787.

It would be nearly a year before the Constitution was finally ratified, a year and a half before the US government officially convened under the Constitution, and more than four years before the Constitution would be amended with the Bill of Rights.  Still, the 222nd anniversary of the signing at the convention marks the birth of the United States’ governing document.

The Constitution is more than a topic in High School American Government class to those in the US military.  Military members swear (or affirm) that they will “support and defend” and “bear true faith and allegiance to” not the President, nor the flag, nor even the government–they make that pledge to the US Constitution.

Take a moment to read the document that formed our great nation.  If you don’t have at least a pocket copy (you should), you can download digital copies of the original, or read the more legible text on the official government archive site.  Both links are provided on this page.