Book Review: Yeager

Chuck Yeager and Leo Janos
Bantam Books, 1985.
Topic: Autobiography

Yeager’s book is interesting for several reasons. Yes, he is famous for piloting the Bell X-1 through the “sound barrier.” Perhaps less famously, he was also a World War II P-51 pilot and F-86 and F-100 squadron commander. (He was fired from that last one.) In many ways his book describes the “standard” antics of a fighter pilot and can help an aspiring fighter pilot understand the “history” of the fighter pilot culture.

The book is by no means completely factually accurate and is obviously biased by the author. Nonetheless, it is an interesting read, particularly for those with an interest in military aviation, flight test, and military history. It should not be read as gospel, but it is worth the read.

Recommended. While not specific to the Christian fighter pilot, it can provide a greater understanding of the the stereotypical fighter pilot life. This recommendation should not be interpreted as an endorsement of Yeager’s actions or attitudes, some of which are contrary to what a Christian should exhibit.

This book is available from Amazon, as well as from Yeager’s own site.