Ministry in Football…and the Military

Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow has made frequent appearances on this site.  The reason is simple: his view on the role of Christian faith in everyday life reflect a maturity and belief to which all should aspire.  He consciously uses his platform to share his faith, and his example is particularly applicable for those in the military.

In the most recent article, Tebow deflects praise and emphasizes the importance of using his platform to serve Jesus Christ:

Tebow understands that God has given him a great platform from which to proclaim the name of Jesus.  He calls football his “ministry” and wants to use his gift to “influence people for the Kingdom of God.”

However, Tebow wants everyone to realize that each of us has a “ministry” wherever we are gifted…”I encourage kids out there to recognize the ministry they have in their classes,” Tebow says, “and do the most with that, to influence their friends in a different way.”  This applies to adults in business or in their neighborhoods as well.

This applies to all Christians, including those in the military.  God places Christians in their positions for a reason.  The amazing platform that a fighter pilot, Navy SEAL, Marine, or any military veteran has is unquestionable.

The key is what you choose to do with it.

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