US Marine Baptized in Afghanistan

In a unique display of the lengths to which the US military will go to ensure the free exercise of its troops, a Marine Lance Corporal was baptized by a Navy Chaplain during combat operations in Afghanistan.  The Washington Post filmed and reported on the event.

Lance Corporal Zachary Ludwig had to wait for Navy Chaplain (Lt) Terry Roberts to arrive at his outpost.  He was baptized in an irrigation ditch fed by the Helmand River in Afghanistan.

“A very close friend told me that when you’re in the military you have to have the spiritual side because God will give you guidance in combat,” Ludwig said…”I wanted to be closer so He could keep me safe” said Ludwig, of 3rd Platoon, Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, which clashes with the Taliban almost daily

The baptism “means more after going through the firefights,” he said.

The Christian baptism by a US military Marine in the majority Muslim country was not an insignificant event.  It was also covered by CNN’s Campbell Brown at the beginning of August.