Princeton’s 2010 University Rankings

The Princeton Review has published its annual rankings of American colleges, which this year includes 371 academic institutions.  (The website requires a free registration to see the rankings.)  The 2009 discussion is here.  The rankings are based on surveys submitted by students of the universities.

This year, the US Air Force Academy repeats its #14 ranking of “most religious students” and its #17 for “most politically active students.” It fell six slots to #11 for “most conservative students.”  Both the US Military Academy and Naval Academy ranked high for conservative and politically active students.

On the other hand, USAFA ranked at #16 for “least happy students” (followed closely by the US Military Academy at #18).  The US Naval Academy broke the top 10, sitting at #9 for “least happy students.”  #1 and #2 were the US Merchant Marine and Coast Guard Academies, respectively.

Interestingly, when the Air Force published a press release on the rankings, it noted the “stone-cold sober” reputation of the Academy and its accessible professors, but neglected to mention its rankings for

#9 Is It Food?  [Campus food ratings]
#16 Least Happy Students 
#17 Most Politically Active Students 
#14 Most Religious Students