Update 2: “God and Country Festival” Flyby

As previously noted, the Air Force declined to support the Nampa, Idaho, “God and Country Festival” with a flyby, despite a 40+ year history of supporting the event.  The festival organizers now have a petition online.  The organizers make a point of saying

We want to make it clear that although it is unashamedly a Christian event, a major part of the Festival is honoring our troops who protect our freedom to assemble.

The decision has stayed in the news, and was even covered by Bill O’Reilly on FoxNews.  (O’Reilly seemed to say that the AF should have done the flyby because it wasn’t about a “specific religion at play,” which is difficult to reconcile with the unabashed Christian nature of the festival.  O’Reilly’s “Talking Points,” which address the issue, can be seen here.)

CBN has a video discussing the event, and indicated that both of Idaho’s Congressmen, Walt Minnick (Id.-D) and Mike Simpson (Id.-R) have demanded to know why the AF had denied the request. 

Idaho’s Lt Governor Brad Little gave the “keynote” speech at the festival which “focused on recognizing members of the military for their bravery and sacrifices.”  He decried the AF decision, calling it “political correctness run amok.”