Michael Weinstein on Military & College Ministries

The Stanford Progressive, a “left-leaning” student paper which boasts a circulation of “members of the Stanford community,…student residences and…community centers,” recently interviewed Michael Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.  The interview, laced with profanity and transcription errors, is available here.

To the question, “what are the Officer’s Christian Fellowship and Campus Crusade?”, Weinstein opined:

They are blights on America and a disgusting example of extremist prejudice and bigotry in this country.

In the interview Weinstein clearly discriminates between “evangelical” Christians and “dominionist” Christians.  He says they both have “religious philosophies” that he “[hates],” and they both

have unbridled desire to proselytize and convert people…

However, dominionists do not

submit to the constraints of the US Constitution as to time place and manner in which they can proselytize…

Notably, however, it is Weinstein that chooses which Christians are “evangelical” and which are “dominionist.”  To date, no mainstream ministry that the MRFF has publicly criticized explicitly professes a “dominionist” theology.  Instead, he ascribes that philosophy to them, at his discretion.  In so doing, he gains a freedom to attack a faith group.  Weinstein’s vitriol has not only been repeated in the press, but supported by it.  Conversely, were statements equivalent to “Christians are usurping the Constitution to install a theocracy” made about Jews or Muslims, the public response would be far different.

Given his intolerance for military Christian ministries, his concluding thoughts are particularly ironic:

I love this country, but what’s going to kill us is tolerance. Tolerance for intolerance…

Also noted at ADF.