Campus Crusade’s “Rapid Deployment Kits”

Focus on the Family has expressed support for Campus Crusade for Christ’s Military Ministry.  The Military Ministry is known for its “Rapid Deployment Kits,” which are a New Testament, Daily Bread devotional, and the evangelistic booklet How to Know God Personally, packaged in a ziploc bag.  One Air Force officer and aircrew is quoted as saying

I received the Rapid Deployment Kit a few months back and I want to extend my thanks. I carry my New Testament Bible in my flight suit when I fly. I read a Psalm before each flight as my prayer for protection for that day’s sortie. Especially during this Christmas season when I am away from my family, the Lord’s words bring me comfort and peace. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift.

The desire to send religious materials to troops is an admirable goal, though it may not always be necessary.  While one Chaplain reportedly requested 5,000 of the “RDKs,” another indicated that they often have far more Bible and other religious books than they know what to do with (and they are often left at-location for follow-on Chaplains).  (The RDKs, along with a Chaplain who requested them, are also listed as a complaint in the current lawsuit against the Department of Defense.)

Still, there is nothing either ethically or legally wrong with sending Chaplains religious support material; it may, in fact, be much appreciated, as indicated by the quote above.  It is also true that while “Bibles” may automatically come to mind, efforts are in place to provide Chaplains downrange with a variety of religious materials, including, for example, the materials necessary to provide Jewish military members with the religious resources they desire.