“Under Orders” Under Fire

Chaplain Bill McCoy, author of Under Orders, now finds himself backtracking from the publication of an endorsement by General Petraeus on the cover of his book.  According to various press reports, he now says the endorsement, as well as that of another General,

were intended for me personally rather than for the general public

Under Orders was reviewed here six months ago, and the Chaplain even responded to defend his book at the time.

In typical fashion, Michael Weinstein has said this, like everything else, will be incorporated into the MRFF’s ongoing lawsuit.   He is calling for Petraeus’ court martial and dismissal.  Weinstein also said

General Petraeus has, by his own hand, become a quintessential poster child of this fundamentalist Christian religious predation, via his unadulterated and shocking public endorsement of a book touting both Christian supremacy and exceptionalism.

The irony is that McCoy’s book is far from fundamental (as is his endorsing denomination), which was part of the reason his book was negatively reviewed here.  From the previous review:

Chaplain McCoy…advocates spirituality above Christianity…and said that “Christ came into the world so that people could be saved from being redundant and meaningless…”

Perhaps the greatest irony is that the MRFF actually said that the book was “pretty good.”