Report: Anti-Christian Discrimination in VA

Over the past couple of years, there have been a few complaints that the military, government, and the VA have been evangelizing their members.  These complaints have occasionally led to controversial responses, but the reaction rarely generates the headlines of the first complaint.  In a fairly unusual turn of events, a former Chaplain for the Veterans’ Administration is claiming that those actions, far from encouraging “religious freedom,” are in fact discriminating against Christians.

Last year, the Fayetteville VA hospital “neutralized” its chapel by removing Christian symbols, which included covering the stained glass windows with blinds and sawing the crosses off the back of the chairs.  The VA Chaplain, Archie Barringer, was asked to retire after he protested the actions.  He now has the attention of his congressman, and the Rutherford Institute is investigating the possibility of suing the VA in response.