• CNN wouldn’t let me comment on the story so I will comment here. There are atheists in the military who are not turning to faith in this time of war and they are serving their country with as much strength, courage and loyalty as their Christian, Jewish and Muslim brethern.

  • An article that is by far overweight in its Jewish exposure. Hardly striking a balance between the 3 religions. As a matter of fact if one really looks they’ll find a huge majority of folks fighting are Christian and insignificant portions are Jewish or Muslim. I hope everyone knows it is ok say Merry Christmas since back here at home it is becoming so taboo as not to offend anyone else (Muslim, Jew, Hindu, etc.)

  • Boy, I’m glad SOMEONE has had the decency to note that there are hardly any Jews or Muslims, or even Athiests for that matter, in the armed services. Hardly ANY of those other religions are even half the patriotic fighters us Christians are! I bet the few non-Christians who are there aren’t even realy fighting. They are just there for politically correct PR purposes. What wimps!

    And anybody who DOESN’T say Merry Christmas is going to get an earfull from me!