Weinstein Targets Campus Crusade, Again

Michael Weinstein’s Military Religious Freedom Foundation is again focused on Campus Crusade for Christ.  CCC is the parent organization of Christian Embassy, which was the impetus for an Inspector General investigation earlier this year that found officers unlawfully supported the organization.

Weinstein’s latest accusations–which he contends will be integrated into his ongoing lawsuit against an Army Major and the Secretary of Defense–revolve around the concept of “government-paid missionaries,” a term sometimes used in reference to Campus Crusade military members. He cites pictures of basic trainees with Bibles and M-16s, Air Force Academy cadets speaking well of CCC, and the “God and the Military” series featuring Pastor Tommy Nelson, one of the most useful videos seen to date for Christians understanding the role of their faith in their profession.

Some of the accusations–which are neither new nor unique–sound extreme and will undoubtedly be used to gain publicity and contributions to the cause (see the Associated Press article).  A cursory investigation, however, reveals that allegations are not at all the “gross violations of the Constitution” they are implied to be.


  • How do you explain the banner on the base at Ft. Riley that reads “We should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity.” Quoted from the crazed she-horse Ann Coulter. This military is not a Christian military. You are free to be a Christian in the military, but that’s it. You are not being paid by the taxpayers of this country to spread the word of God. Just do your freakin’ job, and stop pissing and moaning about people trying to take Christ out of Christmas. Don’t you have bigger fish to fry…being a fighter pilot and all?

  • There is no evidence (or even an accusation) that that poster (not banner) was put up by Campus Crusade or any other religious organization, for that matter. That makes it irrelevant to the discussion at hand.

  • As a citizen I’m very concerned about any such poster, banner, etc. being displayed on a military base, regardless of its source. The military is under civilian authority and that authority is completely secular and in service of the CONSTITUTION, which specifically prohibits the establishment of religion. A poster of this sort indicates both ignorance and arogance, not just unbecoming of a disiplined military in a free, secular society, but an attitude that is a positive to it.

    You wonder why there are people concerned about religious zelots in the military? There is your answer.

  • A poster of this sort indicates both ignorance and arogance, not just unbecoming of a disiplined military in a free, secular society, but an attitude that is a positive danger to it.

  • The Campus Crusade for Christ Military Mission has been ignoring constitutional provision in their ministry for a long time. CCC Military Mission is just one facet of Christian Dominioism and their mission statement reads more like the formation of a Christian fighting force than comforting religious information. These are the folks who proclaim that they are preparing our young men and women in the armed forces to become “Paid Government Missionaries” which is clearly illegal.

    Their kind of “in your face” proselytizing is well known throughout military training facilities and service academies. The US Air Force Academy has been particularly hard hit by CCC Military Mission which has been given 24-7 access to cadets.